About us


After many years of living on Koh Tao we saw most tourists enjoying its famous underwater world only, and missing out on the amazing experiences available on the island itself. Tourists were visiting Koh Tao without learning about the fascinating culture, history, religion and environment of Thailand. So we decided to change that.

We have thought about and developed this trip over a number of years, and finally we think it’s perfect. It’s an amazing mix of activities and information that never fails to impress. We pride ourselves on even being able to surprise and astound the Koh Tao locals.

As tourism on Koh Tao increases it is more important than ever to practice sustainable tourism and educate our guests on how to care for this precious and fragile ecosystem. This is of high priority to us as well as supporting the local community and businesses. So not only will you have a great day with us, you will have chosen to make a difference.


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